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【龙凤轩】是由已故庄朝宗老先生所创办。早在60年代时期,庄老先生就常常帮亲友们烹煮他自创风味的黄姜饭,咖喱鸡以及制作红龟糕,做为他们的子孙满月送礼和拜祭品,口碑甚佳。到了90年代,庄老先生在亲友及子女们的鼓励下才开始在住家经营这个传统事业。由于当时缺乏资本,所以都是自己和家人亲力亲为制作。时至今日,【龙凤轩】已经是一个家喻户晓的老招牌,“50年的经验,半世纪的风味”, 让尝过【龙凤轩】糕点的顾客们唇齿留香,回味无穷!这也让【龙凤轩】从一个传统家庭式手工糕点制作,演变至今日的半机械化生产制作,不但更快速,也更符合卫生。而最难能可贵的是,【龙凤轩】的糕点产品,依旧是保留着不变的传统风味,让新一代也能品尝到旧时代的古早味, 也让这“古味新意”的糕点食品,永远传承下去!


DP Full Moon Shop was founded in 1960s. Back then, its’ founder, Mr Ch’ng Teow Chong often prepared various gift packs for relatives and friends to celebrate their baby’s full moon ceremony. The homemade Angku Kueh, self-cooked Nasi Kunyit and curry chicken was popular among the neighborhood.

Today, DP Full Moon Shop has established for more than 50 years. From a home-run business, DP Full Moon Shop developed into a prominent company in sustaining the traditional culture of full moon ceremony. Over the years, the company transformed from hand-made production into partially-automated production. The adoption of new technology ensured cleanliness and improved efficiency while preserving the originality of all the products. We view customer’s satisfaction and welfare as top priority of our company. For more than 50 years, we still hold on to the traditional taste of Angku Kueh, Nasi Kunyit and curry chicken. We intent to preserve and inherit the unique culture of celebrating full moon ceremony to future generations.

We do more than just business. We inherit culture, we inspire trust.
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